Exploring Nature with Children in January Resources – National Penguin Day

We follow a curriculum from @raisinglittleshoots called Exploring Nature with Children. Each week of the year has a different, seasonal theme to base your nature study around. If you’d like to discover more search the hashtags  #ENWC and  #ExploringNatureWithChildren.

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National Penguin Awareness Day 20th January

National Penguin Awareness Day is the 20th January. Here’s a free set of Penguin flash cards to download below.

They’re Montessori style so you can print out two copies and make them into three part cards. I think my favourite has to be the fairy penguin.

Download “Penguin Three Part Montessori Cards”

Penguin-Three-Part-Cards.pdf – Downloaded 294 times – 424.52 KB

Emperor of the Ice by Nicola Davies and Catherine Rayner

Emperor of the Ice is an incredible book written by expert Nicola Davies and sublimely illustrated by Catherine Rayner – the dream team in children’s books. It’s a highly recommended book from us. You can find other favourite penguin books and resources here.

Penguin Crafts

If you’ve visited my blog before you’ll probably know I really love crafting. I’m particularly into iris folding at the moment. Bethan on Etsy has a lovely penguin template here.

Perfect Tonie Character for Penguin Awareness Day

Tonies do a Tonie Character National Geographic Penguin Character with 60 minutes audio content all about penguins!

Journal Pages

There’s four sets of journal papers that link with Exploring Nature with Children and other awareness days throughout January but could also be used at other times of the year. The layout means you can draw or write responses – whatever is your preference.

Journal Papers Set 1 includes:

  • New Year’s resolutions
  • Clouds
  • Precipitation
  • Birds
  • Eco prompts
  • Braille
  • Choices
  • Blank

Journal Papers Set 2 includes:

  • The moon
  • Balloons
  • Energy
  • Books
  • Cats
  • Numbers
  • Blank

Journal Papers Set 3 includes:

  • Leaves
  • Trees
  • Penguins
  • Squirrels
  • Polka dots
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Blank

Journal Papers Set 4 includes:

  • Pond life
  • Puzzles
  • Burns Night
  • Continents
  • RNLI
  • Early signs of Spring
  • Blank

January Exploring Nature with Children Topics

  • Winter Sky Week
  • Moon Study Week
  • Winter Tree Study Week
  • Winter Pond Study Week

Scroll down for resources for each week and other Winter topics.

Exploring Nature with Children Winter Sky Week

Winter Sky Cards

Winter weather cloud and types of precipitation Montessori style three part cards. Just print two copies and on one copy cut the word from the picture.

Audio Books – Yoto Cards

Audio players for kids are brilliant. If you’ve not discovered them yet head to this post. Here’s a few cards that would work well for some of the January Exploring Nature with Children weeks.

Exploring Nature with Children Moon Study Week

Great Books

Helpful Blog Posts

Exploring Nature with Children Winter Tree Study Week


Great Winter tree identification quiz from the Woodland Trust here.

Great Books

Above are blog post review links. Below are books we love. Clicking on the book will take you to more info and inside images.

Exploring Nature with Children Winter Pond Study Week

Pond Spotters

Fiddlesticks Pond Nature Pack is one we’ve enjoyed using for a few years, We’ve used it for each of the ENWC pond weeks in the year.

Pond life spotter of UK plants

Autumn-Pond-Week Download

Pond life spotter of UK creatures

Autumn-Pond-Week-Creatures Download

Great Books

More Nature Resources for January

Early Spring Flowers

flowers - daffodil - snowdrop - dandelion - daisy - three part Montessori cards

Early Spring three part Montessori inspired cards

flowers-daffodil-snowdrop-dandelion-daisy Download

Story – Flossie and the Snowdrop Fairy

A little seasonal story to get you ready for Spring. The story of the Snowdrop fairy waking up the flowers. You can read the name of your child instead of Flossie when reading the story to personalise.

An audio version of the story – if you can cope with my accent!


Winter flash cards. Can be used in so many ways, introducing new vocabulary, print two copies and make into Montessori three part cards.

Winter watercolour resources from Becca at Fiddlesticks Education. Becca also provides the resources in a range of different languages.

I’m so tempted to start a Wheel of the Year. This pack is from Fiddlesticks and I’ve also seen people do beautiful embroidered phenology wheels. Let me know in the comments if you do one and what you do.

Great Books

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