Hedgewitch by Skye McKenna

Hedgewitch Book Review

We won Hedgewitch on a @toppsta giveaway and wow is it a brilliant read by @skyemc_kenna. If you’ve got a child who loves stories about magic and fantasy worlds then this is the book for them.

It’s a superb blend of friendship, magic and adventure. The world that Skye creates is totally absorbing and vividly real.

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I have to say this was one of those books that I did sneak off with and read on by myself as I couldn’t wait to find out what was happening. It’s got a brilliant pace with great character development.

The publishers recommended reading age is 9 years +. It’s quite a hefty length and so I would say it would be suited to 9+ year olds who have a good stamina with books. Chapter 1-4 is quite dark in a more ‘real world’ way in which Cassie our protagonist is bullied both verbally and physically.

If you have a more sensitive child I’d consider waiting until they are a little older for the start. From chapter 5 onwards you are more in the world of fantasy and actually I feel that the writing is then suitable for a younger audience.

My five year old very much enjoyed listening to parts of the story, especially any parts with the cat Montague in! I chose to omit some parts of the first few chapters as she is a more sensitive soul.


In short, Cassie escapes a boarding school where her mother left her seven years prior promising to return. As soon as she evades the school and THE DOG she is thrust into a magical world. It’s a world that she’s been reading and dreaming about all her life. Her mission is to find her mother, but there are problems along the way. This is the first book in a five part series.

It’s a great read and we all enjoyed the classic – fall helpless into the writers world – storytelling. It’s due for release in the UK on the 14th April 2022. Very much looking forward to the rest in the series.

If you do have a magic book lover then I’d highly recommend The Lost Spells; it’s something a little different from their usual fiction read. If you’d like a little more information on Lost Spells you’ll find it in this blog post here.

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