I say OH, You say NO – Hilarious, Interactive Children’s Book

🌟I say OH You say NO
✒️🎨John Kane @theotherjk
📚Templar Books @templarbooks – kindly sent for review
🌟Publishing 30th March 2023

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HILARIOUS – I say Oh, You say No

EASILY the funniest book we have read this year!

Our daughter Floss read this to Daddy and me and would not stop reading it. The interactive elements within the book are brilliant and have your rolling around with laughter. Seriously, it’s that funny! Such a clever concept. Floss has already requested the other two books from the library.

Books for EVERYONE!

This book is for EVERYONE of any age. Let me set the scene for you. The little one is in bed and you’ve got family over on a Saturday night. You start reading I say OH You say No (why wouldn’t you 😉) and the roaring with laughter nearly wakes the kid up! 🤣

Superbly Simple and Enticing

John Kane cleverly invites you to be part of the story at every turn of the page. The book would not be the same without YOU.

We adore the pops of colour on every page and the genius simplicity of each spread. The ideal classroom read aloud and if you’re looking for pure fun – this is totally the book for you. Enjoy! You’re welcome😉.

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