Smile Out Loud by Joseph Coelho & Daniel Gray-Barnett

Smile Out Loud by Joseph Coelho and Daniel Gray-Barnett

Smile Out Loud by Joseph Coelho and Daniel Gray-Barnett is a such an accessible poetry book. Often poetry can be accompanied by little or no illustrations even for younger children, often been thought of as something to be solely heard.

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Illustrated Poetry

It’s very much the images that drew my five year old daughter to this book. She was enthralled by the dragon and the person with wooden legs telling me which poems to read first based on what piqued her interest from the images.

The Yeti and the dinosaur bones were also instant hits.

In the Mood for Poetry

I never expect to love every poem in a collection or anthology as poetry is something so person. Often it can depend upon my mood whether a poem is feeding my soul that day or not. However, I found that we enjoyed so many of the poetry in this glorious book and lots did have us giggling and laughing out together.

I liked the little introduction to each poem that gave tips on how to read the poem and activities and ideas for when reading. My little one really enjoyed the Zeugmas and Dada’s Treasures.

Poetry for Early Readers

Poetry can be one of those things that those learning to read can find challenging as you try to slip into the rhythm of the author. Although, I did feel that this collection, in the layout and spacing, particularly aided reading for younger readers.

I’d put this book at around 5+ years and would certainly use it as a poetry text throughout the primary years. Perfect for your bookcase whether at home or school.

Thank you Quarto for sending this Wide Eyed publication to me for review.

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