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The Big Book Of

Totally thrilled to see the next instalment from the incredible #YuvalZommer’s The Big Book Of… series – The Big Book of Belonging. The latest release is all what you’d expect from this wonderful author, illustrator and environmentalist, and more.

The Big Book Of Series

If you’ve not discovered this series yet, you really must. Yuval loves the alliterative titles (something children are drawn to as well) and so each book is The Big Book Of… (something beginning with B) – Beasts, Blue, Birds, Blooms, Bugs. The originals in the series all have corresponding sticker, activity books to accompany them too.

This time sees The Big Book Of Belonging and it’s a dreamy, topical, non-fiction text that shows the elaborate tapestry that is our world; the interwoven nature of flora and fauna including us humans. Showing how each of us have similarities whilst also qualities that make us unique and how each of us impacts upon one another in our symbiotic world.

Environmentally Conscious

As you would expect Yuval has gently explained the plight of some of our actions on the world and given child friendly ideas to help fight climate change and global warming.

Why the Big Book Of?

I adore the big book format of Yuval’s books and was delighted to discover from an interview he did with @spiky_penelope that the books are the size they are as he wants to encourage reading to be a shared pastime.

They’re accessible from a young age, yet you can imagine a crowd of juniors all huddled round together delighting in the astonishing facts and the exquisite illustrations. Did you know Yuval draws all of his images digitally?

Hidden Footprints

Younger children will delight in the hidden footprints in the book. This is a pattern for each of Yuval’s Big Book Of series where you are encouraged to spot a different item throughout each of the books. There is then a key at the back of the book to show where you can find each of the items on the pages at the back of the book.

The Big Book Of Belonging

If you haven’t already delved into the wonderful of The Big Book Of… series then The Big Book Of Belonging would be a brilliant starting point. If you have others in the series you won’t be disappointed if you add this to your fabulous collection.

Aren’t the end papers just stunning? A myriad of flora and fauna from the natural world depicted in a circle, perhaps representing the spherical nature of our Earth.

What ‘B’ do you think should be next in the series?

Thank you to @thamesandhudson for sending this copy for review.

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