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I adore children’s books; I always have. I’ve devoured oodles of them from childhood to present day. When I’m reading a book, especially one I’m reviewing, I often get snippets of thoughts that spring to mind. Maybe the style of the writing or vocabulary choice remind me of a book. Sometimes the illustrations or the storyline flick to a memory of another. Books then join like an invisible web in my mind all intertwined and related like a world map. However this book, The Dream Keepers, feels very unique and not like a book I’ve read before. I’m not sure where to place it in my lattice of books in my mind, but I absolutely want to keep it firmly on our bookshelves!

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April Hartmann – The Dream Keepers

@aprilhartmanncreations is the author and illustrator of this dreamy book (thank you for sending me this copy to review). Published by @powkidsbooksofficial. If you’d like to find out more about April’s work head to her website here.

The first thing I noticed about the book The Dream Keepers was the soft, almost velvety feel of the hardback cover. It’s one of those books that would make a wonderful gift due to the quality.

There’s so much to delight in. The illustrations have an ethereal, wispy feel to them but I suppose that’s what the land of dreams looks like!

How To Make Your Dreams Come True

The Dream Keepers book helps you to know how to make your dreams come true. There are two non-binary main characters – Happy Thoughts and Hard Work. These characters help your dream to come true, yet there are hurdles and peril along the way as they traverse from Inspiration Lake, the Path of Purpose, Challenge Mountain, Distraction Attraction, Swamp of Discovery, Lost Dreams to finally The Stars.

I smiled on the Distraction Attraction page where there is a cupcake floating on a fluffy white cloud – I’m often distracted by cake. Tell me I’m not alone??

Cake Distraction

Back to the Review…

Quirky little lines like ‘Holy Ravioli’ had my daughter and I laughing out loud too. It’s a lovely balance of fun and practicality in this playful, heuristic journey of a book.

Growth Mindset

I very much love the tone of the book that you need both positive thoughts and hard work to make your dreams come true. It shows positive modelling of effort and very much supports the idea of having a growth mindset.

Ensuring the characters are not of human form nor gender assigned means each and every child can resonate with the idea that these attributes can be inside every one of us.

What Is Mouse Reading?

There are some really enjoyable little images to find hidden in plain sight on each page too. Our favourite is the little mouse relaxing in a hammock strapped between two flowers reading a book – I only wish I knew what they were reading! I like to think maybe The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.

This book would be an ideal book to share in the early years and through into primary. It encourages children to reach for their dreams, to dream big and through hard work and perseverance their dreams can come true.

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