The Wonderful World Was Waiting by Lauren Fennemore & Zoe Damoulakis Book Review

Tears for The Wonderful World Was Waiting

Oh I can see why The Wonderful World Was Waiting has had everyone in tears! There’s an awe and wonder as you read this book. It builds into a crescendo of feelings that overwhelm and swell with happiness as you reach the end of the book.

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If you’d have read this book in 2019 it would seem like fictional impossibilities; a pandemic, a world with no hugging, picnics, or trips anywhere. Where many many children have experienced loss far sooner that they should. A dystopian world.

A Whisper And A Promise

I feel this book should be read in a lulling whisper; like you’re whispering a promise into your little one’s ear as they sleep. The story whisks you off on everyday adventures that turn magical. A vow to make the most of moments together as restrictions ease. The book is written in sublime rhyming poetry. There’s copious amounts of delightful vocabulary to tantalise your child’s imagination as they zoom through the story.

Zoe’s illustrations have an ethereal, dreaminess to them that are grounded by their vivid richness. The subtle dichotomy of the images perfectly mirrors the adventures of the text as we see with the simple bus ride that roller coasters through the sky.

My favourite spread is of the family nestled into a cosy booth in a coffee shop with what looks like the most incredible hot chocolate with ‘fluffy pink marshmallow clouds’. Floss’ favourite is of the picnic at the zoo. She loves to spot all the animals and all the different foods too.

The Wonderful World Was Waiting Until Now

Each generation and family have been affected differently by the pandemic. I love how Lauren’s story touches on something that we’ve all missed. As the Mommy of a four year old, not being able to celebrate her birthday in the way she wanted with her family and friends seemed like such a lost milestone.

As a family we’ve had much sickness without being able to visit loved ones in hospital for weeks on end and navigating grief and funerals through social distancing.

This book is a healing balm for our families. A book that comes with a promise of the changes happening and the changes to come. Where we can all start to feel more connected again through simple pleasures together.

Thanks so much to Owlet Press for sending us this copy to review, we absolutely loved it. A truly unique book to treasure on our shelves.

You can order a copy of The Wonderful World Was Waiting direct from Owlet Press, from Waterstones and many indie booksellers.

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