8 Books Brilliant that take you on your Travels Around the World

Books to Explore Travel Around the World

I’m late for Esther’s (@mrsbrownsbookbox on Insta) #8BrilliantBooks that take you on travels around the world. It should really have been last week – but better late than never. Books are an incredible way to open up world that we don’t have access to or only visit fleetingly and infrequently.

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This time #8BrilliantBooks helps us to explore real places from around the world in fictional contexts. Some people love a more real setting while others prefer to read in the fantasy realm.

Children begin to develop reading preferences quite early and it’s important for us as parents/ carers and educators to give them a feast of genres to choose from so that they get to experience the many wonders of books.

The theme of books that take you on your travels around the world is a fabulous theme.

#8BrilliantBooks to take you on your Travels Around the World

Eventually, I came up with my eight choices for this week. It’s always hard to just choose eight. I’ve got a real mixture of books here but these are the ones that often pop into my mind.

The House of Shells is wonderful. I found I really enjoy books based in Nigeria. Onyeka is another title I love. Based in a fantasy but set in Nigeria. To find out more about both of these wonderful books head here.

Still set in Nigeria I adore Chicken in the Kitchen. The video below is our favourite reading of the story. It’s a must watch!

When Life Gives You Mangoes, set in the Caribbean, may be my favourite middle grade read of all time. It’s a book I tell everyone, including adults to read.

Comparing the lives of a child in Sydney Australia and Morocco Mirror is an absolute treasure and a beautiful read.

B is for Baby has one of my favourite illustrations towards the back of the book. It’s a first words book set in West Africa.

A powerful story about living in a war zone, Tomorrow is incredible. We assume it’s written about Syria as the author/ illustrator is from Syria.

Set in the vibrant Malaysian Jungle Kaya’s Heart Song is a beautiful read for young children.

Lastly, is the stunning 101 Dishes for the Emperor. You can find out more including inside images in my blog post here. The artwork is incredible.

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