African Elephant (Young Zoologist)

⭐Young Zoologist African Elephants
✒️Dr Festus W. Ihwagi
🎨Nic Jones
📔Neon Squid (sent for review ad-pr)
🎉6 Sep 22

🌟Brilliant facts – expert Zoologist author
🌟Younger reader friendly
🌟Great text/ illustration balance

African Elephant (Young Zoologist) Perfect Young Reader Non Fiction

Another superb title from Neon Squid. I often wonder whether books about one species will be enough to hold my interest but I needn’t have worried about Young Zoologist African Elephants. This is an excellent length of text for young readers and the volume of text would suit newly independent readers of around 6 years +.

Highly Accessible

There’s a contents, index and glossary to help navigate the book but I found the flow from one spread to another very well sequenced. The text on the page is lay out well to help guide the reader. Festus W. Ihwagi writes deftly for this age of reader using technical vocabulary when necessary yet ensuring the book is highly accessible.

Tender Illustrations

Nic Jones’ illustrations aid in the understanding of key facts very well. There’s a warmth in the illustrations, not only from the hues used for the landscape of the Elephants habitat, but in the way Nic digitally draws the elephants. You feel Nic has a real affinity and love for these beautiful giants through her tender illustrations.

Protecting Elephants

I was particularly fascinated to learn the role zoologists are playing in educating farmers to ensure these endangered mammals are deterred from farms in a humane way using bees. So clever!

I’d love to read more from this series and I very much hope Neon Squid continue to expand on this range. They would be a superb non-fiction resources in homes, schools and libraries.

A Day in the Life Series

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