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Little Crafters Boxes – Beautiful Butterflies

Our Little Crafters Boxes Beautiful Butterfly box has just arrived and it looks ideal for my creative, nature loving daughter Floss. Each little brown bag has a complete project.

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Beautiful Butterflies was the topic for July 2023 and it’s such an exciting box with a range of projects. Chatty Zebra Curriculum have a free module that goes alongside the boxes really well.

This image is from Little Crafters Boxes and shows what the Beautiful Butterfly box contains. You can choose your own options and make swaps. We had the platinum selection which gave us Crafters and Deluxe as well as Platinum.

Beautiful Butterfly Books

There’s lots of other butterfly books we like too. It was too hard just to choose nine!

Saving the Butterfly by Helen Cooper and Gill Smith

Saving the Butterfly by Helen Cooper and Gill Smith is an incredible book that tells the story of displaced refugee siblings. You can read my full review and see inside images here.

Fly, Butterfly, Fly! by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou

A beautiful new release is Fly, Butterfly, Fly! by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou. This wonderful duo make the most incredible books together. You can see my review of one of the other titles in their series here and I’ll be adding a review of this new title soon.

More Butterfly Books

A couple of the books mentioned above have a mini feature in this Bookworm Buzz. Monarch Butterflies is a stunning book.

More Caterpillar Books

Here’s some of our favourite caterpillar books featured in this Bookworm Buzz. We adore the whole Fletcher series and The Woolly Bear Caterpillar has a great mini non-fiction book at the back of the book.

Exploring Nature with Children Butterflies

We follow a nature based curriculum from Raising Little Shoots called Exploring Nature with Children. It’s a yearly, cyclical curriculum that you build on as appropriate for your child each year.

A collection of open and closed books and printables about moths

Check out this blog post with lots of ideas and resources for you to explore butterflies, moths and caterpillars.

Top Butterfly Toys

Small World Butterflies

Insect Lore have a great set of butterflies that we’ve enjoyed for a number of years now. They’re incredibly durable and can be used inside and out.

Life Cycle Sets

Life cycle sets are a great way to help children develop understanding of technical scientific processes such as metamorphosis.

Growing Caterpillars

Have you ever looked after your own caterpillars? Insect Lore can help you rear and then release your very own.

Creative Butterfly Projects for Kids and Adults!

Butterfly Mosaic Craft

Make a butterfly mosaic with this little kit of everything you need. Find out more information here.

Papercraft Butterfly Craft

We love papercrafts. They’re great for fine motor skills development. There’s several different colour sets to choose from here.

Iris Folding Butterfly Card Kit

Pretty in Paper By B is a favourite creator of ours. Bethan makes the most lovely iris folding kits. I got into iris folding earlier this year and I’ve not looked back.

Floss is six and has really enjoyed iris folding too. You can find a delightful butterfly kit here. You can find out more information in my blog post on iris folding here.

Butterfly Craft

Love the look of this shimmering mosaic kit suitable for children. You can find more information here.

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