Make Believe Ideas Books for Sensory Seeking

This blog post will go through what we love about Make Believe Ideas books. It will explain why we think they’re perfect for anyone who needs support with sensory regulation. Throughout it will also introduce you to some of the recent titles from Make Believe Ideas (2024).

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Make Believe Ideas – Specialists in Sensory Books

Make Believe Ideas is a publisher that specialises in children’s books. They include activity books, storybooks, and educational resources with all their books being a sensory feast.

The benefits of Make Believe Ideas books are extensive. Below I will share with you the many advantages to their books and share with you some recent 2024 titles in the pink boxes.


Make Believe Ideas books are designed to capture children’s attention and keep them engaged with colourful illustrations, interactive elements, and imaginative storylines.


Many Make Believe Ideas books are educational, offering opportunities for children to learn new concepts, develop skills such as fine motor skills, and explore their interests through activities, puzzles, and games.


Make Believe Ideas books often encourage creativity and imaginative play, fostering a child’s ability to think creatively, problem-solve, and express themselves through storytelling and art.

Sensory Play:

All Make Believe Ideas books tantalise the senses. Usually with their books several senses are stimulated. This makes their books ideal for sensory seekers and for those who need a little help to regulate their sensory systems.

Developmental Benefits:

Their books are often developed with consideration for different stages of child development, offering age-appropriate content that supports cognitive, emotional, and social growth. You can find lots of downloadable items from Make Believe Ideas here.


Make Believe Ideas offers a wide range of books catering to different interests, ages, and skill levels, allowing parents and educators to find options suitable for individual children’s needs and preferences.


Make Believe Ideas is known for producing high-quality books with durable materials, ensuring that they withstand the wear and tear of regular use, making them suitable for home, school, or on-the-go.

Parental Involvement:

Make Believe Ideas books often include elements that encourage parental involvement, such as discussion prompts, activity suggestions, or tips for extending learning beyond the book itself, fostering positive parent-child interactions.

Sensory Seeking Books – Forget the Age

There are age categories for Make Believe Ideas books but, as mentioned earlier, due to the lovely sensory nature of their books I wouldn’t be too caught up with age ranges. I know children and adults who still enjoy these books (I’m one of them!).

Overall, Make Believe Ideas books provide a range of benefits that contribute to children’s learning, development, and enjoyment, making them a popular choice for parents, educators, and children alike. However, they are ideal for anyone who needs regulation of their sensory system making them the perfect books for all sensory seekers. If you’d like to find out more about sensory needs and sensory diets head to this post.

Seasonal Treats

Make Believe Ideas books have something for every season too. So if you’re looking for a seasonal gift such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc. then they’re a great option.

Where to Buy Make Believe Ideas Books

Here’s the Spring 2024 Make Believe Ideas catalogue. I’ll warn you now, if you show this to your young person prepare for a LONG wish list. That’s what I got given!

You can purchase Make Believe Ideas books direct from the website and delivery is free if you spend over £20. You can also find the books on this post and some of our favourites in this list. What’s your favourite sensory book?

Thanks to the publisher for sending these titles through to us.

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