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SuperQuesters Book Tour

Welcome to my stop on the @questfriendz #BookTour for the second book in the SuperQuesters series SuperQuesters: The Case of the Missing Memory. Details on how to win a copy at the bottom of this post.

Brilliantly, original! This book is a superb concept and one that my daughter Floss couldn’t get enough of. The premise of the book is an interactive STEM book wrapped in a fictional narrative.

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SuperQuesters Synopsis

SuperQuesters sees friends Lilli, Bea and Leo trying to fix Bea’s robot – B-Bot who is malfunctioning. They enter a dream state to help them get the answer. Yet, while they are there Queen of Questland needs help to save Questland from Lord Grumble who is stealing the memories from everyone.

Reusable Stickers

The three friends must complete eight quests to be able to save all of Questland. The eight tasks are linked to STEM activities. The quests are interactive and there are stickers in the back of the book to use for each one. There are two sets of stickers and they are reusable (they do peel back off the page easily).


If I’d have told Floss it was a STEM book then she wouldn’t have been so interested. However, the cover really appealed to her and she instantly felt an affinity with the characters due to the fun illustrations on the front. We particularly loved that each of the characters had their own cute sidekick.

I wasn’t expecting the writing in the story to grip us as much as it did and the vocabulary used was a delight – “…Lord Grumble was hunched in front of a huge machine, that whistled and screamed as smoke billowed out…”. The story was interesting and very much held my daughter’s attention and had her invested in helping the friends.

Rewarding Reading

The quests very much engaged. Earning a sticker for each completed STEM task kept Floss focused and wanting to move on to complete all the quests in one go. You could however spread the quests out and take your time with them.

Confidence in STEM

Floss said this book was amazing and wants more like it. We went and purchased the first one in the series SuperQuesters: The Case of the Stolen Sun. For me as a parent, one of the best things about SuperQuesters is the feeling of achievement and joy Floss felt by completing the quests.

Floss finished the book feeling confident and when I explained she’d actually been doing STEM activities (and what that meant) she was so excited and wanting to learn and do more.

Another STEM favourite of ours is The Encyclopedia of STEM Words from b small publishing. If you’d like to find out more about this one check out this blog post.

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