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Scientists in the Wild Galápagos Review and Activities

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Falling for Non-Fiction

Finally, Floss is devouring non-fiction as well as fiction. I’m beyond excited that she’s decided to increase the breadth of her reading pleasures.

I believe Scientists in the Wild Galápagos has been a big reason for this. She’s thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Galápagos Islands through this superb book – it had me totally absorbed too.

Scientists in the Wild Galápagos Key Features

Do you love books with maps in? I adore them. The map is at the start of the book and is great to refer back to as you explore different islands throughout each spread.

There’s also classical features of a children’s non-fiction text with a contents page at the front and a glossary and index at the back.

There’s a great balance of text to illustrations for young readers. Each spread has bitesize chunks of information married with the wonderful illustrative style of Rômolo who completely brings Helen’s facts to life. Aren’t those pink iguana’s amazing!

What we Love

🌋Non-fiction yet told through the stories of individual scientists on an expedition.
🌋Learn about the chaos of goats!
🌋Explores evolution and extinction.
🌋Skilled explanations of natural phenomena, for example, El Niño. Illustrations effectively aid understanding well.
🌋Flora and fauna explored on land and sea as well as landscape, climate and people.

In short we love it! I can’t wait to see more from this series.

4 Ideas for a Book

Joining in with Esther’s (@mrsbrownsbookbox on Instagram) #4IdeasForABook.

🌵Fine motor activity – making your own cacti from playdough. Playdough activities are great for strengthening muscles in the hand. Using small tools to make marks or loose part objects such as rice and chickpeas help to hone motor skills and focus on hand eye co-ordination.

🌵Investigate what countries the scientists might be from with their greeting and names. We loved using clues to be able to work out where scientists were from in the world.
🌵Research famous scientists – Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace.
🌵Make your own erupting volcano – this one never gets old!

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