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The Book of Sisters – Neon Squid

The Book of Sisters is, packed with oodles of fascinating facts about sisters throughout history and around the world. I’ve read a couple of books by the new non-fiction publisher Neon Squid. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them with The Book of Sisters being no exception.

The Book of Sisters Layout

The layout of the book is very clear. The text prominent on each page and not obscured by the images. There’s a lovely balance of text and illustrations throughout. This feature will very much encourage readers to keep on dipping in and out of this book.

Recommended Age

The publisher gives a reading age of 8-10. I agree it would be a good book for 8 years plus. If you’ve got a more sensitive child there are several mentions of the death; some sisters not always in the most pleasant circumstances.

For my eight year old reviewer this was some of her favourite parts! I wouldn’t put an age cap on the book. As at 40 I found this book totally enthralling and couldn’t put it down.

My five year old wanted to know what I was reading and I chose certain parts to share with her. She too found the facts fascinating and wanted more.

Authors Voices

It’s well written and I particularly liked the voice of the authors. It’s interesting that although written by the sisters Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson it very much has a feeling of one entity being behind the words. I suppose that’s sisters for you!

The Book of Sisters Content

The contents span a colossal time frame and I did find the interjections of sections throughout to help place the relevant sisters of the time extremely useful such as ‘Ancient Egypt’ and ‘Tudor Times’.

There were also sections to help you grasp more of an understanding of life at the time certain sisters were living. These included ‘Life in Ancient Rome’, ‘The Slave Trade’, ‘Native American Life’ and ‘The Cold War’ to name a few.

I found the use of maps, information about sisters and life at that time and place very useful. For example the story of the sisters Sarah & Sonia Chaminov is followed on by a section about Life as a refugee.

Diverse Book Collection

There’s a diverse collection of sisters from around the world which is lovely to see.

Loved it!

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