The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley

The Littlest Yak Book Review

You know when a book becomes an instant hit and you are asked to read it umpteen times a day. This is one of those books, yet it’s so good I don’t even mind reading it umpteen times a day! I’d still read it umpteen plus one more time.

Gertie is our little hero. She wants nothing more than to be big and do all the things the big yaks in her herd can do. Little does she know that she’s got greatness inside that can only be done by the littlest yak.

The Littlest Yak Synopsis

This is utter feel good genius. The writing is exquisite and I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful rhyming verse that flows like silk as you read. There are so many lines that I adore including – ‘Where the ice-swirling, toe-curling blizzards were blowy’ and ‘…a salty tear plopped from her cheek to the snow’ being two of my favourites.


Even in the craggy cliff mountains the illustrations ooze warmth and glow. It’s a wonderful blend of author and illustrator. Lu and Kate are one of those magic dream teams who just enhance the incredible skills of the other.

The Littlest Yak is a brilliant story that our whole family highly recommends to any book lover. Gertie will melt your heart and keep you coming back for more.

Gertie is Back!

There’s more Gertie coming on the 29th September 2022 with The Littlest Yak: The New Arrival. Just as wonderfully warm and adorable as the first and the perfect book for helping big brothers and sisters with the arrival of a new sibling. You can find our review here.

If you love Lu Fraser like we do then you won’t want to miss One Camel Called Doug. I reviewed an electronic copy from NetGalley and had to pre-order a copy for us straight away and one for a friend too! It’s available now and you can find my full review here.

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