The Timeless Appeal of Magazines: Subscriptions for Kids, Teens and Adults

Is There a Place for Magazines in the Digital World?

In an age where digital media dominates our lives, you might wonder why anyone would still turn to magazines for information and entertainment.

Yet, despite the pervasive influence of the internet, magazines continue to hold a special place in our hearts and homes. Here’s why magazines are still worthwhile in 2024 and why they should remain a staple in your reading routine.

Tangible Connection in a Digital World

There’s something uniquely satisfying about holding a magazine in your hands. The texture of the pages, the photographs and illustrations, and the smell of fresh ink create a multi-sensory experience that digital screens simply can’t replicate. This tangible connection provides a break from the constant screen time many of us endure daily, offering a refreshing and nostalgic retreat.

One of my favourite magazines is The Simple Things. I used to read this digitally for free using the Libby app – you just need a library card in the UK to sign up to Libby to access a wealth of magazines. However, I found that I didn’t savour the magazine in the same way I would a physical copy. I’m just succumbed to the physical subscription and I’m so glad I did. The Simple Things have also just started a must listen to podcast that I’d highly recommend – Small Ways to Live Well.

Curated Magazine Content with Care

Magazines are renowned for their curated content. Editors and writers meticulously select articles, features, and images that align with the magazine’s theme and audience. This careful curation means that each issue offers a cohesive and high-quality reading experience, often exploring topics in greater depth than the rapid, surface-level consumption typical of online media.

A magazine that my daughter and I enjoy so much is A Year and A Day Magazine. It’s a quarterly magazine that has a Waldorf, nature inspired theme. It explore stories, rhymes, art and crafts and more.

You can purchase A Year and A Day magazine from Conscious Craft. You can purchase a subscription or buy one off magazines that are £11. If you’re buying other things from Conscious Craft you can get £10 off your first order of £70 using this link.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of a magazine is an art form. Layouts, typography, and visual elements are thoughtfully crafted to enhance the reader’s experience. This attention to design not only makes magazines visually appealing but also aids in the flow of information, making complex topics more accessible and enjoyable to read.

A Year and a Day Magazine and The Simple Things are both sublimely crafted magazines. A couple of others I’d add to this list is Breathe and Breath Teen. I’ve had a subscription to Breathe through my Tesco points before and they are one of those magazine that I keep and periodically dip back into. I’ve recently spotted The Complete Guide to Slow Living and hope to give that a whirl soon.

Focused and Distraction-Free Reading

Reading online often means dealing with a barrage of adverts, pop-ups, and notifications. Magazines, on the other hand, offer a distraction-free environment. You can immerse yourself in an article without the constant pull of competing digital content, leading to a more focused and fulfilling reading experience. It’s the perfect screen free activity to boost your wellbeing.

Make a moment for reading a magazine. Light a candle, brew a cup of herbal tea or a refreshing elderflower spritz.

Collectible and Timeless Magazines

Magazines have a collectible quality. Beautiful covers, special editions, and memorable articles make them worth keeping. They serve as time capsules, reflecting the culture, trends, and issues of the period in which they were published. A well-curated magazine collection can be a source of inspiration and a tangible archive of knowledge and memories.

Make your own mini library to share with friends. I often find that I want to share an article that I think my help a friend or spark a thought for them.

Nurturing Interests and Passions

Whether you’re passionate about fashion, cooking, travel, science, or niche hobbies, there’s a magazine for you. Specialised publications delve into topics with a level of expertise and enthusiasm that’s hard to find elsewhere. Subscribing to a magazine that aligns with your interests can nurture your passions and keep you informed about the latest developments in your favourite fields.

For us nature, arts and crafts, slow living and wellbeing are niches that we adore. I’m really keen to look into more independent Zines. Do drop me a comment if you have any recommendations.

Supporting Quality Journalism and Creativity

By purchasing magazines, you’re supporting the journalists, writers, photographers, and designers who create them. In an era where quality journalism is more important than ever, your support helps ensure that talented professionals can continue to produce thoughtful, well-researched content. This support extends to promoting creativity and maintaining high standards in media.


Floss my seven year old daughter adore graphic novels and one of her favourite subscriptions is to The Phoenix Comic. Well worth a trial of if you have a comic book lover.

Portable and Convenient

Magazines are incredibly portable. You can pop one in your bag and take it anywhere, from the beach to the doctor’s surgery. They don’t require batteries or an internet connection, making them a reliable source of entertainment and information on the go. Their convenience and portability ensure that you always have engaging content at your fingertips.

Timeless Magazines

In 2024, magazines remain a valuable and enriching medium. Their tangible nature, curated content, and aesthetic appeal provide a unique reading experience that digital media can’t fully replicate. By offering focused, distraction-free reading and nurturing our interests and passions, magazines continue to hold their ground in a digital world. So, next time you’re looking for something to read, don’t overlook the timeless appeal of magazines – they might just become your favourite source of inspiration and knowledge.

As I mentioned earlier I do read digital magazines too using the Libby app. I’m very particular about which magazines I subscribe to in print. Being able to sample magazines on Libby to see what I like is ideal. You can also find lots of magazine options to suit different tastes here and here.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Do you still enjoy reading magazines? What are your favourite publications? Let’s celebrate the enduring charm of magazines together!

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