Yoto Player and Yoto Mini Podcasts: How to Find and Play Podcasts on Your Yoto

Did you know that you can play podcasts on your Yoto Players and Yoto Minis? This blog post will explain how to add podcasts to your audio player and where to find podcasts.

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Originally, this podcast section was part of the blog post: Free Yoto Content for Yoto Player and Yoto Mini – Make Your Own Cards. However, the section started to get a little too big and I want to be able to keep adding podcasts that we discover.

As always, it’s important to check the content you are going to share with your child/ren yourself to ensure you are happy with what they are exposed to. I always like to listen to a podcast first before I decide if I think it’s something I’m happy for my daughter Floss to listen to.

How to Add a Podcast to a Make Your Own Yoto Card

You can add your favourite podcasts to your Yoto Make Your Own (MYO) Cards. Either using the myYoto log in (just like when you MYO cards – you will need to log in) or using the Yoto app (under the ‘Library’ tab). You will need to add the RSS feed for the podcast you want by selecting the ‘+’ icon.

RSS Feeds for Yoto Players

If you don’t know the RSS feed then use this tool. This helps you find out the RSS feed for your chosen podcast. There’s lots of podcasts for kids (do check the content first as mentioned above).

I’ve been known to have my own secret stash of Make Your Own Cards and can be caught ‘borrowing’ my daughter’s Yoto when she’s at school! I add my favourite podcasts to listen to and audio books from Borrow Box. Shhhh…

One thing to note is this feature only works over WiFi so you can’t use it for podcast, for example, in the car.

Where to Find Podcasts for Yoto Player and Yoto Mini

Yoto Daily Podcast

There are several ways that you can access the Yoto Daily Podcast. One is to use a shortcut on your player (use the app and select players to select the shortcut on your player). Secondly, add the RSS feed as I’ve gone through above or finally you can access episodes here and download the mp3 files and add to a Make Your Own Card.

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Podcasts on the Yoto App

Firstly, there are a selection of featured podcasts already loaded into the app. You can play these using your phone direct to a player or link them to a Make Your Own Card. You can find these under the ‘Library’ tab and then ‘Podcasts’. There’s a range of suggestions being added to the Yoto Space community here too.

Favourite Podcasts We’ve Discovered for Yoto

Some of these are available in the Yoto app others we’ve found elsewhere and have shared the RSS feed so that you can add it to your Yoto Make Your Own Cards. Copy and paste the RSS feed as described above.

Story Podcasts RSS Feeds

Storynory Free Story Downloads

Storynory is a podcast but they allow you to download their free content. You can find out more on their website here. If you head here and find the latest stories click then on ‘go to story’ button and then you have the option to download the story. Click on download and then on the three dots to download that story. You can also add it as a podcast. RSS feed is – https://blogrelations.libsyn.com/rss

Little Stories for Tiny People

RSS Feed: https://www.littlestoriestinypeople.com/podcast.xml

History Podcasts RSS Feeds

National Geographic Kids – Greeking Out

This one is a podcast we really enjoy. There’s been a new 2024 series recently started. It’s Greek myths so there’s plenty of death and other interesting bits (just to be mindful of if you have a sensitive soul listening). I actually really enjoy this one as an adult too. Here’s the RSS feed to add into the podcast section on Yoto –https://feeds.megaphone.fm/ESP4751925729

Live From Mount Olympus

RSS Feed – https://feeds.feedburner.com/LiveFromMountOlympus

Who, When, Wow!

RSS Feed – https://rss.art19.com/who-when-wow

Science and Nature Podcasts RSS Feeds

Brains On! Science Podcast for Kids

RSS Feed – https://www.mprnews.org/podcasts/brains-on

Wow in the World

RSS Feed – https://rss.art19.com/wow-in-the-world

Earth Rangers

RSS Feed – https://feeds.megaphone.fm/EDEUA3702143216

News & Other Podcasts RSS Feeds

The Week Junior Show

RSS Feed – https://www.omnycontent.com/d/playlist/289ceca7-bef3-48af-9f74-a4ba0095cab1/e0fbfba9-7a9d-4ef8-ae28-aa9200be73bf/0c388a0d-3e12-4c24-9de8-aa9200bf9219/podcast.rss

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