A Billion Balloons of Questions by Amy B. Moreno and Carlos Velez

A Billion Balloons of Questions

Any child or caregiver can completely relate to this brilliant book. A Billion Balloons of Questions is all about all of those questions that children come up with each and every day.

All manner of questions ranging from ones with simple answers to much bigger and more philosophical musings are conjured up by Eva, the daughter of the family.

Bilingual Books

What’s brilliant about this book is the carefully interwoven bilingual aspect. My daughter Floss has a real fascination with Spanish words and so this book very much piqued her interest. We both enjoyed trying to work out what the Spanish phrases and words in the book meant.

The glossary of phrases and words at the back is such a great idea to be able to quickly look up what the meaning is. You can really tell that the book is written by a bilingual author who lives in a bilingual home as the interchange between Spanish and English feels very natural.

A Billion Questions

The questions that Eva has she sees as balloons. The balloons don’t pop until she’s satisfied with the answers she gets. The balloon illustrations are wonderful and make a great fun talking point. Floss has been drawing her own balloon questions since.

This would be a lovely idea for a class to do. Children could design their own balloons with questions in and make a wall display. As you go through the year you could aim to cover all of the questions the children have.

A Billion Balloons of Questions Highly Recommended

A lovely book that we’d highly recommend. Something a little different from the normal books we get from the publisher Floris and we’d certainly love to see more of this bilingual style of story.

It’s a great way to get children excited about languages, learning about other cultures and appreciating different families. Thanks Floris for sending for review.

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