The Best Bear Tracker by John Condon and Julia Christians

The Best Bear Tracker

What makes a good bear tracker? Well you need to be prepared, just like the main character in John Condon’s story. John’s story is perfectly set in Julia Christians gorgeous woodland spreads.

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The Best Bear Tracker Synopsis

Here we find a bear tracker who knows just what to do. There are 10 bear tracker rules and if you follow each one you will be sure to find any bear.

Although, things don’t quite go to plan. This story is the perfect story to share with your child/ren or read aloud with a whole class. Children will be shouting at the bear tracker in this ‘it’s behind you’ style of story.

Floss particularly loved the expressions on the faces of the mischievous bears as they evade discovery at every turn. Will the bear tracker track down a bear before the end of the book?!

John Condon – Master of Engagement

John is proving a master at this type of book. The type that passionately engages the reader and gets them verbally interacting with the book. Another one of our favourite texts is The Pirates Are Coming. We’d highly recommend it and you can find out a little more about it here.

The Pirates Are Coming - Little Hands Learning - Activity - Subscription Box

Learning Through Stories and Play

The Best Bear Tracker is oodles of fun and with my teacher hat on I’d certainly use this text to look at lists, speech bubbles, varying punctuation (.?!) and numerals 1-10.

Floss had to make herself a bear tracker kit after we’d read this one and it would certainly be a book I could see children role playing the story after and carrying out their own bear tracking!

Thanks to Templar for sending this title our way to review.

If bears are a favourite then I’d recommend No Sleep for Bear by Duncan Beedie. You can find my review here. We’ve also recently enjoyed Never Brush a Bear that’s been featured in Bookworm Buzz here.

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