Conker the Chameleon by Hannah Peckham and Stephanie Jayne

Floss has only recently started to be able to talk about how she is feeling. I very much put that down to this book Conker the Chameleon by Hannah Peckham and Stephanie Jayne.

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Books For Difficult Times

Conker the Chameleon could not have come at a more apt time for us as a family. There have been so many big feelings for us to deal with as adults. Therefore I’m amazed at the resilience shown by Floss over these last couple of months. If you and your family have been affected by loss you may find my post – How to Talk to Children About Death helpful.

I adore rhyming books and Conker the Chameleon has such a gentle patter and flow as you read. It really draws you in further to the charming world of Conker.

Conker’s Charm

Conker the Chameleon teachers us, in such a tender way, that no matter how you may look on the outside, there may be more going on inside.

He isn’t like the other chameleons who show how they are feeling by the colour their bodies turn. He wants to be like the other chameleons and show how he is feeling. However, he soon learns that his special gift is to help others share how they are feeling by talking. He soon feels much better himself once he’s spoken to a friend.

Self Care Pages

At the back of the book their is a lovely ‘self-care’ scavenger hunt to find things. They are things that may help your little one if they need some help to regulate how they are feeling. There’s also a lovely ChaMEleon tree. This is to add things such as what you are proud of and what helps you when you feel sad.

Feelings and Emotions

This is such a brilliant book to help children talk about how they are feeling. Pairing together with some emotions resources such as the stars or even making your own picture cards would make the perfect addition to help explore feelings further.

It’s certainly a book I’d recommend for your book shelf to have to hand when big feelings come. As I say it’s been so valuable for us as a family while we have been dealing with poorly family members and me needing to spend more time taking care of others giving rise to some separation anxiety and grief.

Floss has always been one not to talk much about how she is feeling (she’s only 4). Yet after we’ve shared this book several times she’s begun to come up to me and say ‘mommy I feel worried’ or ‘mommy I feel a bit funny but I don’t know why’. It’s been such a gentle way in to talking about feelings and exploring them more with her. Thank you @h.j.peckham for gifting us this incredibly special book. It could not have come at a better time for us, we are so grateful to you.

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