The Greatest Gift of All – Bloganuary

What is the greatest gift someone could give you?

Hello day 4 of Bloganuary – the greatest gift. It’s taken me a long time to get down to writing today as it’s been a pretty poor health day. I’ve had an emergency hydrocortisone injection for my Addison’s Disease (rare disease that JFK had and Jane Austen was reported to have – just incase you’re interested) and I’ve got a little in me to write but it’ll be a much shorter post than previous days.

Struggling with the Greatest Gift

Strangely, this is a post prompt that has left me feeling really uneasy. Probably doesn’t help that my cognition has been really off today! Does anyone else struggle with questions that are so open? Questions that once answered leave only more musings and questions.

I think it’s my autistic mind that struggles. I have oodles of empathy, too much empathy. When I go to answer a question like this I instantly want a gift that gives something to someone else, or takes away someone else’s suffering. Yet then my mind spirals, what about all the other people who need that gift, how can I possibly choose. You see the problem. It leaves me frozen.

Given the Greatest Gift

For me I truly feel that I already have been given the greatest gift. I’m a Mommy and there is nothing more important to me in the world. Each day she fills my life, even on the dark days, with joy, hope and love. Writing this made me think about one of the first posts I wrote on this blog back in 2018 – Magical Mommy Moments. Oh how life has changed for both of us, but we’re together and we cherish every day – the greatest gift. What’s your greatest gift you’ve already received?

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