The Museum of Marvellous Things – Kristina Stephenson – Book Review


Museaum of Marvellous Things Book lay flat on a wooden table surrounded by pink and purple feathers, wooden sticks and scarves.

The Museum of Marvellous Things – Incredible Cover

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by a cover. However, it certainly makes a difference as to whether you pick up a book in the first place and especially for children. If my daughter Floss doesn’t love a cover, she generally won’t be interested in reading the book.

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The Museum of Marvellous Things oozes pick me up appeal!

Floss (5 years old) was incredibly eager to dive into this one. Kristina’s illustrations are delightfully, quirky and fun.

Both Floss and I adored the palette of colours used and there’s so many ‘marvellous’ things to spot on each spread. It really is a book that stirs the imagination and helps you discover your own magic.

The Museum of Marvellous Things

Norbert Norris is an academic, he knows tons of things. Although, when he enters Tilly’s world of The Museum of Marvellous Things where she’s the caretaker of the museum set up by her distant Grandfather, he’s not sure how all his knowledge will help.

Tilly explains that the magic of imagination is needed to stop the museum from disappearing. Will Norbert Norris be able to find the most important answer of all with the help of a Muffle-Wumper!?

It’s the little things that can thrill and excite in books. For Floss she loves it when you need to orientate a book in a different way to continue reading the story. It’s such a simple idea but one that never fails to get an oooh and ahhh from my daughter.

The Flow of Language

We both loved the the changing flow in the book of rhyme and prose – there was a real feeling of the author throwing rules to the wind and writing in such a free way.

I think this is such an important thing for children to learn. That they can write in their own way.

There’s some lovely word choices such as swooped and peered along with brilliant nonsense words to tantalise your vernacular.

Floss thoroughly enjoyed this book and it’s been requested over and over. The font used is great for beginner readers and Floss has really enjoyed reading small parts of the book herself with her developing phonic knowledge. Her favourite spread was in the swirling, whirling Rainbow Room. She gave it 20/20 for her review.

For me I love the fact that the book really shows that you can have all the knowledge in the world but it’s the magic that makes it special and gives us the awe and wonder to our days.

We won this book as part of a Toppsta giveaway.

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