The Perfect Rock by Sarah Noble

The Perfect Rock from Flying Eye Books

If you’ve read any of my reviews before you’ll know that I adore the hardcovered books by Flying Eye Books. They make ideal gifts with their gorgeous, textured covers.

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The Perfect Rock, written and illustrated by Sarah Noble, is stunning. It tells the adventure of three young otters in search of the perfect rock.

If you want to know more about otters and rocks then I’d highly recommend another Flying Eye Books publication Curious Creatures Working with Tools. The two books together would make a lovely gift pairing.

The Perfect Rock Synopsis

The perfect rock is hard to find, so say Mama and Papa. Yet it’s such an important tool for an otter. The three siblings are used to frolicking over sea and land each day, it’s a busy time!

Soon the day comes when they must find their own perfect rock and the siblings head off in search.

Alas, when they find the perfect rock, there is only one. The siblings squabble and the rock is stolen leaving the three little otters in peril. Will they remember what’s important to keep them all safe?

The Perfect Rock Review

Floss and I adored the compass of colours used. It’s very much blues and green that dominate the spreads with the most delightful hints of pinks and purples dappled throughout.

It’s beautifully written and illustrated and a story of sibling rivalry that will certainly resonate with a lot of families. Floss is an only child and I equally feel that the book is so helpful to explore ideas of sharing and the value of bonds between people.

Although Floss has no siblings she has incredibly strong bonds with some friends and with her cousins. It’s important to share stories that help them understand who their ‘rocks’ are and how there’s little more important than their relationships with others.

Thank you kindly to Flying Eye Books for sending this one for review.

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