8 Books of Kindness and Friendship for Friendship Month

Books of Kindness and Friendship

I love joining in with Esther’s (@mrsbrownsbookbox on Insta) #8BrilliantBooks and seeing what other people choose too. You get so many brilliant recommendations. This week Esther invites us to choose #8BrilliantBooks that reflect kindness and friendship. A theme that is so important as children start back in the Autumn term. September is Friendship Month too.

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Esther shared the definition of on her grid:

‘Kindness (noun): the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.’

#8BrilliantBooks for Promoting Kindness and Friendship

Here are my choices above for this week. You may notice that The Rabbit Listened is again one of my choices. I chose it last week for books promoting self esteem. Now don’t be fooled into thinking I just couldn’t think of another. It’s always so hard to narrow down to just 8. However, The Rabbit Listened is an exceptional book. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. A must for every bookshelf.

It’s worth noting that Choose Love isn’t a young child’s book. I’ve read some poems from it to Floss but there are others I wouldn’t share with her yet. It’s an incredible, moving, important read. One to read first before you decide on your audience.

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses is a wonderful early counting book that is about a family fleeing their home to a place of safety and the kindness they encounter on the way.

The Kindest Red tells the tale of a little girl who wants to make everyone in the world kind and goes about making that happen in her small world.

What if, Pig is just candyfloss in a book, the sweetest characters. The Mouse’s Apples is a great one to show kindness – we love Mouse and Bear. Another duo we adore is Frank and Bert – what a pair! Sam and the Gnome’s Red Hat is the sweetest tale of friendship that leaves you feeling all warm and fluffy.

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