My First Book of Microbes by Sheddad Kaid-Sala Ferrón and Eduard Altarriba

My First Book of Microbes Review

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this non-fiction title My First Book of Microbes published by Button Books. You can tell that Sheddad Kaid-Sala Ferrón has a passion for this area of science. This is a book that would be perfect for juniors/ 8 years plus right through into adulthood.

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Here’s a short little trailer to give you a feel for the book below.


Microorganisms are an area of science that I’m personally fascinated with and Sheddad writes in a way that is accessible to all. My daughter is five and has enjoyed snippets that I have shared with her as I’ve read.

His style of writing is clear and concise and I particularly enjoyed when he shared the origin of words such as the origin of the word vaccine – it’s fascinating. It’s certainly a book that adults can enjoy too.

Eduard Altarriba completely enhances the reader’s experience through his illustrations and diagrams that amplify the reader’s understanding of what has been written.

Two sections I felt were very clearly demonstrated were the explanation of what the ‘R’ number is and how vaccines and herd immunity work.

Although giving specific examples that can be related to our everyday lives this book begins at the root of microbes clearly defining the various types of microorganisms.

Similarities and differences are explored through both written text and images/ diagrams. The book as a whole has a gender neutral feel which I feel is important for science books.

Books About the Pandemic

It’s a superbly timed publication with information about epidemics and pandemics including corona virus and a section on covid-19. It’s important to help children understand the pandemic so that they feel they can make informed decisions about their actions.

A triumph for Button Books. Thank you to Paul at GMC for sending a copy for review.

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Germs are something children often find fascinating, especially as we can’t see them. The second half of My First Book of Microbes goes into things that make us unwell.

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There are some quick links for this book which would be brilliant to explore for this topic regardless of whether you have the book.

The Germ Lab

More for the 7/8+ age range The Germ Lab would be a brilliant book to further your interest in the area of microbes that make us unwell. This book by Richard Platt and John Kelly deals with the subject in a humorous way with hysterical illustrations.

Learning Through Play

This is a book that makes you want to go and get your microscope out. Did you have a microscope when you were a child? I got mine for a birthday presents and it was used continually. I was forever finding things that I could add to slides to look at through my microscope.

There’s so many possibilities now from traditional microscopes to digital microscopes that can record. Microscopes make great gift ideas.

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