What Could You Do Differently? Bloganuary

What could you do differently?

The word that fascinates me in this question is could. Could – to indicate a possibility or a polite request. There’s plenty of things I could do differently. What will have the most impact on our family life by doing things differently?

Firstly, I’m learning to say ‘no’, well not verbally, yet! I’m building up to that. Although, yesterday I really wasn’t feeling the Bloganuary prompt. I debated it over the day and then decided… no. I don’t have to do every prompt, every day. Have you missed out any of the prompts?

What Could You Do Differently?

Too often I think that many of us are still trying to fit into a family mold that has been instilled into us over the years. This year I could try and break this mold. I want to break this mold as I want the space and energy for our family to match our needs. I could learn to say no. I need to learn to say no. I need to advocate for our needs and focus my time and energy on that. I’m drawn to slowing down and getting our home cosy and purposeful.

New Year’s Resolutions

Each year I’ve always revelled in making New Year’s resolutions. One thing I decided this year was not to ‘add’ any new resolutions but make resolutions that remove things. Check out my New Year blog post here. So, I suppose I’d already started to do things a little differently. Have you made resolutions? How do you feel about removing rather than adding?

I also decided that I would focus more on my blog and writing rather than social media. I’m taking a seasonal break from Instagram and not planning on returning until at least the Spring. Definitely something different for me.

This is a post I feel I may return to and add the changes that I make.

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